Among people we see each day, only a handful have an amazing knack for making friends and collecting acquaintances. They’re called “connectors” and Judy Lloyd is one of them.


Being an evangelist isn’t just a religious term anymore.

It’s about telling your story effectively, captivating your audience, and motivating them to take action.


Remember the six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon?

It’s the premise that each individual is about six steps away from any other person on earth. Here’s why it matters.


Wanna raise a million or two bucks?

Anyone can raise large sums of money if they have a great pitch, careful follow up, consequential relationships and perseverance.

"I love connecting people and working for causes I believe in. Whether it’s building a meaningful one-to-one relationship between a business person and an elected official or collecting one-to-many followers on social media, I thrive on custom campaigns that help good people make great things happen.
—Judy Lloyd, Principal & Founder, Altamont Strategies