Among people we see each day, only a handful have an amazing knack for making friends and collecting acquaintances. They’re called “connectors” and Judy Lloyd is one of them.


Judy Biviano Lloyd is a senior government relations, external affairs and communications professional. Lloyd has a proven track record as a public speaker, project manager, events manager and strategic advisor. She was appointed by two U.S. Presidents to executive positions in Washington, D.C. and California and was selected for two U.S. diplomatic missions to the Middle East, Russia and Eastern Europe. She served as a Fall Fellow at the Dole Institute of Politics at the University of Kansas, running a 6-week video program on remarkable women in politics, business and the media.

Functional Specialties

Government Relations | Project Management | External Affairs | Stakeholder Engagement | Communications | Events | Public Policy Research | Fundraising & Development | Content Marketing

Splash Page Snippet1Author / Online Communicator

In her spare time, Lloyd is authoring a book to honor her mother and her Italian, Sicilian heritage. Josephine’s Petite Cucina  includes stories of growing up Italian and home cooking recipes. Some of Lloyd’s writing can be viewed online at SafeinHome and at the California business publication, Fox and Hounds Daily.


Lloyd received a Bachelor of Science, Business Management & Marketing, Clarkson University (1982).

Just For Fun

Lloyd never misses the chance to see a good baseball game. She’s been going to classic rock and country music shows for 37 years and has watched NFL Football since she was four years old. A favorite pastime is creating new recipes, perfecting old ones, and pairing them with just the right wine. She also enjoys hiking and growing exquisite roses and capers in her garden.

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