Top Woman in PR: Ambassador Lisa Gable Discusses Zig-Zagging Through Life [Video]

Yesterday, Ambassador Lisa Gable was named a “Top Woman in PR” by PR News. She was a guest for my second study series program at the Dole Institute of Politics.

Ambassador Gable is a female role model who is one of the most efficient, intelligent women I know.

DIOP Yellow Brick RoadShe currently serves as President of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, a CEO-led initiative aimed at helping to reduce obesity, especially childhood obesity, in America. The foundation grew from 21 founding members to over 200 members in the first 24 months. She is also a National Trustee, Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Gable achieved the rank of Ambassador when she was appointed by President George W. Bush appointed U.S. Commissioner General, 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan. She moved her family to Japan and served overseas to fulfill her duties in this important role. She also had the opportunity to serve in the Reagan White House in the Office of Presidential Personnel. You can read more about her background here.

Lisa has been a mentor to many women, including me. In this session, she tells the story of how she was able to manage her work and family time – zig-zagging through life – to achieve her personal and professional dreams.

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