Is Racism Worse in America Because of Media, Celebs?

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What would have been the responsible thing for the media to do regarding the case of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin?

I’ve been asking myself this question since the media injected themselves into this tragic case where a young black youth was killed.

The mainstream media played a huge part in hyping this as a story racism in America. Some believe it was irresponsible. Others see it as the media just doing their job.

Some reckless media types decided that this was a racist act without regard for the facts. In the case of NBC, they sought hype and they’re paying for it.

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Honoring Stan Musial is More Than Just a Christian Act

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I am a devout Major League Baseball fan. I love the game. My son has played Little League since he was four years old, and I used to live very close to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

I think I own most all of the great baseball movies: Bull Durham, For Love of the Game, Major League, The Sandlot, and The Rookie.

Being a devoted fan, I understand the value of the streak, baseball rituals, and what makes great players exceptional in the Major Leagues. Part of that is the ritual itself.

Stan Musial is in an elite group of baseball greats elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. His passing this January was a huge blow to the City of St. Louis and his fans nationwide.

Musial, a devout Christian, was remembered recently by a grounds keeper at the St. Louis stadium who etched a cross and Musial’s #6 onto pitcher’s mound before every game.  Apparently one fan complained.

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Thoughtful Women Hits 2.3 Million in Year 1

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TW 1 year old


I’m proud to report that ThoughtfulWomen.org, a new media, niche publication for women, has hit 2.3 million readers as of its one year anniversary today!

As the photo graphic shows – we’ve gone from crib to crawl – from crawl to walk – and now we are ready to rock!

Looking back to the first day of our journey allowed me to reflect on why we are here and why we are growing.

Thoughtful Women started because we thought the liberal media’s War on Women needed some balanced commentary on issues women care about – their family budget, their health care, working in and out of the home, and our personal security – to name a few.

At the end of our first month, an average of 825 people had visited the website and read our stories each day, with 23,925 people participating in our daily polls and discussions both on the website and our Facebook page.

Today, a short year later, more than 11,000 readers visit us each day. More than 240,000 women and men have become fans on Facebook. See more at www.ThoughtfulWomen.org.




The BART Strike’s Unintended Consequences

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BART strike1


Question: What’s the one thing that could wipe the gay marriage celebration from the headlines in San Francisco?

Answer: A strike by Bay Area Rapid Transit workers.

The contracts between the taxpayer funded government transit organization that serves the region and it’s union workforce expired late Sunday night, bringing the first strike of workers since 1997.

This is a catastrophe which has stranded 200,000 people in the San Francisco Bay Area who depend on BART daily – right before the July 4th holiday. Now, they must find another way to get around. Their options are limited since congested bridges don’t have the capacity to handle additional cars.

BART management and its unions have indicated that they have no plans as of this writing to return to the bargaining table. They are far apart on issues involving compensation and safety issues, though most who have been polled blame the unions for walking away from the bargaining table.

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Hobby Lobby Wins Appeal in 10th Circuit Court

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Hobby Lobby


Today, the Hobby Lobby arts and crafts store chain won a substantial victory before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals – just in the nick of time before substantial penalties would have gone into effect starting July 1, 2013.

I had the chance today to talk with Angela Thompson, an attorney at law representing the U.S. Justice Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Ramona, California.

Angela was the first person to tell us about the decision in the Hobby Lobby case and is a sole practitioner in Sacramento, CA, with a background in environmental and land use policy. She has worked on constitutional issues supporting private property rights of individuals.

Her passion for the free exercise of religion in accordance with the U.S. Constitution led her to work on briefs supporting Hobby Lobby.  She found the case intriguing and important for the exercise of religious freedom.

“We are very happy with how the court ruled,” Thompson said.

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2 Words for the GOP: Women Matter

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Rep. Marsha Blackburn

Last week, I visited Washington, D.C. and had the chance to sit in the U.S. House gallery as a guest of  U.S. House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy for the debate and subsequent vote on the bill authored by Rep. Trent Franks limiting abortion.

Unless you’re a political wonk, you probably missed the nuances behind the scenes and why the activity that took place on the House floor during the debate is significant to women.

We are all consciously aware of the bloodbath the Republican Party took in 2012.  The GOP lost the Presidency as well as seats in the United States House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Though the Presidential election was close, the GOP lost some important constituencies like single women and minority women who felt the party would take away their rights as women and were intolerant to their points of view.

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On Father’s Day, Be Thankful We Are Free

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You’ve heard the phrase: A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s how I felt when I saw this photo of this young boy spending time with his father, a soldier killed earlier this year in Afghanistan.

Wikipedia says that the phrase refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image.

Proof that this picture is worth a thousand words wasn’t just the photo itself which my husband showed me via a Twitter re-tweet from CNN’s Jake Tapper.

It was the words used by the original tweeter –

Think about these few words offered by Villi Wilson on Twitter – “His Mom caught him spending time with his Daddy.”

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Photo Credit: Villi Wilson on Twitter

Nanny State Alert: CA School Toy Gun Buy-Back Program

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Kid Toy Gun


Nanny state politics has ruled California for many years. If it moves, the California legislature wants to tax it, regulate it, or mandate it. Schools have also been under the thumb of teachers union bureaucracies and with that comes behavior that is one-size-fits-all – dictated by a nanny state bureaucracy that is rigid and unbending.

This past weekend, Strobridge Elementary in Hayward, California held what they called a “toy gun exchange” which offered students a book in exchange for turning in their Nerf guns, squirt guns, and other neon-plastic playtime firearms. They were even entered into a raffle to win a free bicycle.

Giving the kids a book is a great idea. But it will help expand the mind only if that child is encouraged to read. That’s a parent’s responsibility.

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Nanny State Alert: “Sugar Bites” campaign may do more harm than good

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kids healthy eating


Childhood obesity is an important health issue—particularly for parents seeking to teach their kids the value of taking personal responsibility for their health by eating a balanced diet and staying active.

While “feel good” anti-sugar efforts such as the Sugar Bites campaign in Contra Costa County are on the rise across the country, they may actually do more harm than good.

The campaign is being orchestrated by First 5 of Contra Costa and Healthy and Active Before 5 and is funded with tax revenue generated by Proposition 10—passed in 1998 to fund childhood development and education programs. However, unlike the stated goals of being “Healthy and Active,” the campaign does nothing to educate parents and children about staying active or maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

Rather than encourage activity and a healthy and balanced diet, this public education campaign spends tax dollars to tell parents how to raise their children, implying that they are neglectful if they don’t comply with the uppity and frankly incorrect, advice from the “anti-sugar nannies.”


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Should we care about Adam Levine or Healing in the Heartland?

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The mainstream media and social media outlets were all over Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine this week for comments made on NBC’s The Voice on a “hot” mike on Tuesday night. Two singers he was mentoring – Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons — were voted off the island.

Levine was clearly frustrated. As a fan of Levine, Blake Shelton, and The Voice, it wasn’t hard for me to guess that Levine’s frustration was over losing two great singers in the semi-final rounds. This leaves Shelton in a prime position to win it all. It was at that moment that Adam Levine uttered those now-famous words: “I hate this country.”

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Christie and Obama: Perfect Together?

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Christie-Obama NJ Shore


I love Gov. Chris Christie. Those words may be biting to some ultra-partisans, but this statement won’t surprise any of my friends from Upstate New York or Washington, D.C. who know of my roots in a small, dying town in the snow belt of New York State.

I grew up in the 1970’s and 1980’s with the sounds of The WhoThe Stones, and New Jersey’s own Bruce Springsteen. The things that Springsteen sang about – Born in the USAGlory Days, and in My Hometown – spoke to me because when you grow up in a small, rustic, industrial hometown after the jobs have left, you have a tendency to smile about the good old days. You also reflect and take action to see what you can do to lift yourself up and get the heck out of there.

Lots of partisans on both sides are going to be upset about Governor Christie’s relationship with President Obama. I’m not one of them. There is a big difference between campaigning and governing. Obama knows how to campaign. Chris Christie knows how to govern.

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Obama’s Reflection: Ghost of Nixon’s Past?

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Nixon resigns


All of us who follow politics have immersed ourselves in the three scandals that have made President Obama’s political legacy less secure going into the mid-term 2014 elections.

But, what happens now going into summer of 2013, a year before the election, may not even be a hiccup when it comes time to vote on new Members of Congress and U.S. Senators in 2014. Let’s look at the facts as we know them now on the three potential scandals –

Read more here on Nixon, Watergate, and how these scandals equate to today’s —

Gavin Newsom to Students: Protect Your Online Identity

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Gavin Newsom


Many of you know who Gavin Newsom is but for those of you who don’t, he’s the current Lieutenant Governor of California.

He’s been featured in GQ, Time, the New Yorker, the Economist, and countless other publications. He became a national super star when he was the Mayor of San Francisco, first for his advocacy of getting the homeless back to work, and then for his support of same sex marriage.

I first met him at his inauguration for Mayor, when he was married to Kimberley Guilfoyle, who is among my favorites from FOX’s “The Five”. He’s now married to Jennifer Siebel, an accomplished film maker and advocate for women, girls, and their families, and has two young children.

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“What’s For Work?” New Platform Empowers Women

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What's For Work logo


Mother’s Day was just last week and it’s a constant reminder to us of what we do every day in the form of multi-tasking.

We run the household budget, carpool the kids, shop for dinner, do the dishes, take care of the laundry, and all the glorious things which keep our families together. Sometimes, we even work outside the home.

It’s these “employed by life” lessons that inspired Teri Hockett to start “What’s For Work?”.

Teri is based in California and runs an online portal that helps to empower women by giving them the tools they need to re-enter the workforce once they’ve had kids and wish to consider working outside the home. They’re piloting the job search site for women in the East San Francisco Bay Area but hope to expand nationally.

This online support network helps women build confidence, offers mentorship, inspires, teaches, and reminds all of us that we can lead by example – and that we in fact do so every day without realizing it.

“What’s For Work?” serves as an online match-maker, helping find good matches for women and jobs. It creates community engagement and looks at demographics as well as geography in finding the right work-life “match” for Moms who want to return to the workforce.

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LA Dodger Matt Kemp’s Compassion to Boy With Cancer

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Matt Kemp


With Mother’s Day approaching, I am reflective and grateful for the wonderful gift that I have in my teenage son.

Some days are more trying than others with a teenager and this week was no different.  My worries about my boy, his sassy behavior, and his temperament went away quickly as I saw this clip of L.A. Dodger Matt Kemp and the kindness he showed towards Josh, a disabled teenager who has been diagnosed with cancer. It appears the young boy may not have long to live.

Our prayers are with Josh and his family at this difficult time. God Bless them and Matt Kemp. Some athletes are just good people. It’s kindnesses like these that remind us how lucky we are.

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Women’s Groups Trashing Obama on Morning After Pill

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plan b


In a strange twist, the “War on Women” has hit a crescendo – and this time its against President Barack Obama.

Women’s health groups are challenging the Obama Administration for the Justice Department’s decision to appeal the “morning after” case.

The appeal indicates the DOJ’s belief that U.S. District Judge Edward Korman of New York went too far in his ruling which ordered that the FDA lift age limits on who can buy “morning after” birth control pills without obtaining a prescription.

As most of you know who are following the case, yesterday the Food & Drug Administration reduced the age limit from 17 to 15 years of age for obtaining the Plan B pill.

You can read more here.

Personal Reflections on George W. Bush

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GWB photo


I served from 2002-2006 as a member of George W. Bush’s Administration. Because of this, I am completely biased in my opinion. However, I believe that sharing my perspective on events I personally saw might lend clarity to those who saw the Bush 43 Presidency only through their television screen and the lens of the mainstream media.

All presidencies have their success stories as well as agenda items that didn’t work out the way they planned. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, cyber-security, and a lagging economy tend to define a presidency.

No U.S. President is immune to these challenges and each President handles America’s struggles differently.

My story with President Bush started in 1999. I was recruited to run the California Bay Area campaign shortly after I arrived in California. I was recovering from a broken ankle, my husband was working at a medical device start up company, and my son was a little over two years old.

It seemed like a great idea to once again volunteer my time for a Presidential campaign. Heck, I had already worked for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush (and also a fellow named Bob Dole who would have made an outstanding President if it were not for a savvy operator named Bill Clinton).

When I agreed to Chair the Bay Area campaign in California, I didn’t realize that the “Bay Area Region” included areas like Berkeley and San Francisco, which in retrospect gives everyone who knows me a chuckle now.

Governor Bush campaigned in 2000 as a “different kind of Republican” – and he was. He visited the Bay Area six times and we put together events that showcased technology in the classroom, opportunities to help the homeless, and the great diversity of California as seen through the eyes of Latino and Asian businessmen and women.

You can read the rest here.

Union Membership has Declined – But are They Less Influential?

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By Judy Lloyd

Since I served in the leadership of several national business associations and was formerly the Regional Representative at the U.S. Department of Labor, I’m often asked about the power of unions vs. the power of business.

I always answer the question the same way:

There is no such thing as unorganized labor. Unions almost always out-organize business associations.

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Obama and Congress Use their Powers for Good

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By Judy Lloyd

I’m aware that this seems an unlikely headline given the antics of the fiscal cliff and the bickering about taxes and spending between the President, U.S. House Speaker Boehner, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Reid, U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and U.S. House Minority Leader Pelosi.

But sometimes there is a silver lining and it happened last week.

Just in the nick of time before the 113th Congress was sworn in, the President signed the Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act into law. The legislation, formerly known as the Pancreatic Cancer Research and Education Act, passed the U.S. Congress on December 21, 2012, after it was attached to the National Defense Authorization Act.

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A Giant Among Men – Sheriff Warren Rupf (1943-2012)

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By Judy Lloyd

Residents of Contra Costa County in California learned this week of the sad passing of a giant in public service – retired Sheriff Warren Rupf. He was only 69 and had been diagnosed with myeloid leukemia just six weeks ago.

I got to know Warren four years ago during my campaign for state assembly.
His stature – at 6’7” made him a foot and a half taller than yours truly. I remember once when he introduced me at an event in Blackhawk then walked down three stairs so I would look a little taller. Warren was that kind of man. He always found a way to make you laugh and feel a bit taller – always a gentleman and a friend.
Warren was rare as a public servant. He always gave it to us straight. Most people who knew him never thought of him as a politician. He was larger than that – Reaganesque in a way.

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Contra Costa Supervisors’ Race – A Bellwether for the National “War on Women”

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By Judy Lloyd

This week, Danville Mayor Candace Andersen trounced Community College Board Director Tomi Van de Brooke (60% to 27%) in an election for Contra Costa County Supervisor in District 2. Sean White, who didn’t raise money but ran on election reform, gained nearly 12% of the vote.

Incumbent Supervisor Gayle Uilkema passed away in May after a two-year battle with ovarian cancer. Had neither candidate received the requisite 50%+1, Governor Brown would be able to step in to appoint a caretaker or successor. Now it seems evident that he can reinforce the people’s will and install Andersen as the next Supervisor.

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The Republicans (and Democrats) War on Nathan Fletcher

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By Judy Lloyd

I love working on domestic policy issues and solving problems. I do not consider myself either a liberal RINO (Republican in name only) or an ultra-right conservative. I hate labels but if I had to own one, I’d say that I am a Ronald Reagan Republican and that I believe that someone I agree with 85% of the time is indeed an ally.

I was an appointee of the USDA (under President Ronald Reagan – 1985-1986), an appointee of the US Dept. of Labor (under President George W. Bush – 2002-2006), and an Alternate to the California Coastal Commission (under Gov. Schwarzenegger – 2005-2006).

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Bay Area Media swoon over Oakland’s hilarious “Occupy the Country Club” fiasco

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By Judy Lloyd

Sometimes the media gets it wrong – and they sure did last night in the Bay Area both on KTVU and in the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Alameda Republican Party was holding a low-key spring fundraiser to benefit the party. The ticket price was a lofty $75.00 to attend a nice reception with Congressman Dan Lungren and GOP hopeful Ricky Gill, running in Congressional District 9. They were there to talk with local activists and friends.

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Contra Costa County Supervisor Gayle Uilkema Was One of a Kind

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By Judy Lloyd

Gayle Uilkema, a woman who served as a Contra Costa Supervisor in District 2 for 16 years, passed away this past weekend from ovarian cancer. She was only 73.

Gayle’s record of public service is well known – her 16 years as a Supervisor was preceded by 19 years on the Lafayette City Council. She was a mentor to women young and old and an advisor to many who took the chance to run for municipal, county and state positions. Words and advice from Gayle were memorable and meaningful – she had a way of turning a phrase in a pro-woman manner which was empowering. This poise was reminiscent of the reason she decided to run in the first place in 1978. There was a lack of recreation classes for her two young daughters. She was told by city officials that they didn’t need programs because everyone in Lafayette had a big back yard.

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GSA Boondoggle – Did $14 billion in stimulus funds play a part in the Henderson Hot Tub Scandal?

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By Judy Lloyd

Quite a bit has been written about Jeff Neely, the federal government bureaucrat at the center of the GSA taxpayer boondoggle in 2010. Neely serves the Pacific Rim at the General Services Administration and his wife allegedly helped him plan an $823,000 GSA party in 2010 that featured a hot tub, lavish feasts and cocktails, jesters, a clown, a mind reader, and a comedian. It took place in Henderson, Nevada on the American taxpayer’s dime.

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War on Women: Workplace Flexibility Fails Again in California

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By Judy Lloyd

Efforts supported by countless business organizations to promote greater flexibility to employees’ schedules have once again failed in California. This week, two measures authored by Senator Bob Dutton (R-Rancho Cucamonga) were killed legislatively by Democrats during a hearing of the Senate Industrial and Labor Relations Committee.

Both bills were listed as “job creators” by the California Chamber of Commerce on the 2012 list of legislation that would improve the state’s job climate and help California’s economic recovery.

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Fletcher & DeMaio in a virtual dead heat in San Diego Mayor’s Race

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By Judy Lloyd

Two weeks can be an eternity in politics with ups and downs, twists and turns, and oftentimes weird and wonderful results.

A new Survey USA poll released Thursday shows that Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher has surged since his party switch on March 27th – he is in a virtual dead heat with front runner Carl DeMaio.

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Fletcher’s Exit – Stage Right

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By Judy Lloyd

This past week, the Republican Party in California lost two of its young shining stars when Mindy Fletcher and her husband Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher made the decision to leave the Grand Old Party and become Independents.

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Who is Facebook’s PAC Funding for 2012 – A Look Inside the Pre-IPO Leadership’s Political Action

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By Judy Lloyd

In anticipation of its IPO, Facebook executives and employees put $170,000 into a new political action committee before the end of the year designed to help fund political candidates who they believe have their best interests in mind.

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Pensions, Perpetuity, and Personal Responsibility

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By Judy Lloyd

On Tuesday, January 24th, council members in the City of San Jose will decide if they wish to curb their own lifetime benefits and those of future council members to reduce the city’s pension obligations.
A proposal offered by San Jose Councilman Pete Constant, a former San Jose police officer, suggests elimination or amendment of the city’s defined benefit system under CalPERS. His plan could pave the way for other municipalities to curb their pensions to infinity programs if they choose to act.

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Michelle Bachmann repeats female casualties of Presidential race

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By Judy Lloyd

This past week, Michelle Bachmann suspended her campaign for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. On August 13th of last year, Bachmann became the first woman to win the Iowa Straw Poll. A short 143 days later, she came in last in the Iowa Caucuses.

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Soledad State Nurse Finds Solitude in $1 Million Payroll

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By Judy Lloyd

As California grapples with its lagging budget and prospective initiatives on the California ballot to raise taxes, Bloomberg News reports that 42 California state nurses were paid $1 million each over a six-year period.

Cited in the study by Bloomberg is Lina Manglicmot who has been paid $1.5 million since 2005, an average of $253,530 a year, to work as a prison nurse in the farming community of Soledad in Monterey County. Soledad, whose Spanish translation is “solitude”, is located 25 miles from Salinas with a population of 25,738 according to the 2010 census.

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Is Gingrich’s prime time endorsement from powerful New Hampshire Union Leader a bellwether for his future?

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By Judy Lloyd

In the category, of “whoa, whoa, whoa”, the New Hampshire Union Leader (a.k.a. Manchester Union Leader), the state’s largest and most influential newspaper backed Newt Gingrich for President.

According to 2010 figures, the paper’s daily circulation topped 48,000 and its Sunday circulation was just short of 64,000 subscriptions. Previously owned by conservatives William and “Nackey” Loeb, who shaped political landscape in New Hampshireup until the passing of the latter in January of 2000, the Union Leader is the most coveted newspaper endorsement in the state.

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Orange County Lincoln Club’s “New Conversation” on Illegal Immigration

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By Judy Lloyd

Last month, the joint Lincoln Clubs of Orange County, San Diego, and Northern California went on their annual trip to Washington, D.C. to visit with Members of Congress, U.S. Senators and think tank leaders. We talked mostly about the economy, jobs, and pension reform. The issue of immigration was addressed in a session with James Carafano, Director of the Douglas & Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation.

Carafano was one of our most engaging speakers. He said that everyone on all sides of the immigration issue was angry at the current Presidential Administration for the handling of immigration policy and enforcement. No one “Inside the Beltway” could see a pathway towards meaningful policies to address border security, a guest worker program, or effective enforcement policies aimed at those who come here illegally and those businesses that knowingly break the law by hiring them.

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Make a Difference – Join Innovators and Friends to Fight Pancreatic Cancer

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By Judy Lloyd

On October 5th, I found myself in Washington, D.C. as part of a delegation of 60 California business leaders who met with twenty-two members of Congress to discuss what Congress is doing to help promote a more business-friendly environment for my state and the nation as a whole.

The trip happened to coincide with a “grass-tops” lobbying day for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, the national organization fighting this disease in a comprehensive way through research, patient support, community outreach and advocacy for a cure . The organization is working to pass the Pancreatic Cancer Research & Education Act – S.362 in the U.S. Senate and H.R. 733 in the U.S. House of Representatives, which will ensure that the National Cancer Institute (NCI) develops a long-term comprehensive strategic plan for developing early diagnostics and treatment options that will increase the survival rate for pancreatic cancer patients.

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Is Congress on the Right Track?

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By Judy Lloyd

Earlier this month, sixty business leaders from California participated in a three-day whirlwind tour of our nation’s capital meeting with Members of Congress, U.S. Senators, pundits, and think tankers. In all, 22 Members of Congress met with a delegation largely comprised of members of the Lincoln Clubs of Northern California, Orange County, and San Diego. This entry focuses on the House members.

What these business leaders wanted from Congress was the cold, hard truth – what are you doing to solve the economic problem in the form of job creation?

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Remembering “Gib” Marguth – A True Leader in State Government

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By Judy Lloyd

Gilbert R. “Gib” Marguth, Jr. was born in Oregon in 1934. He passed away a few days ago after a 9-year battle with leukemia and lymphoma at age 77.

Assemblyman Marguth represented the 15th Assembly District with distinction in the 1980’s. He was a straight, common sense talker with a rye sense of humor and a smile that lit up any room he was in. He served as Mayor of Livermore and also on the Zone 7 Water Board locally and left the Assembly due to appointment as the State’s Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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Even a Dead Cat Bounces – What Mitch McConnell said in Silicon Valley

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By Judy Lloyd

A “dead cat bounce” is a Wall Street term that refers to a small but brief recovery in the price of declining stock. Look at the graphs of this week’s “bounce” and you might find yourself more productive buying a cat than trying to create a job in California.

On Thursday, U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell met with business leaders and friends in Silicon Valley to discuss the economy, the debt ceiling, and what it would take to get California’s – and the nation’s economy – back on track.

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It’s Not What You Say ~ It’s How You Say It

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By Judy Lloyd

Have you ever heard that old saying – “It’s not what you say – it’s how you say it?”
Whether you’re lobbying a Member of Congress, asking for a donation, or conducting a
media interview – style, substance and tone matter.

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Matt Fong – Taxpayer Advocate, Respected Public Servant, Friend

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By Judy Lloyd

I was touched by Joel Fox’s tribute here at Fox and Hounds. Largely the word that comes to my mind when I think of Matt Fong is – respect.

Matt earned the respect of taxpayers and policy makers who cared about responsible governing. He embodied the ‘good’ in government serving with distinction whether he was elected or appointed. Public service and generosity defined Matt Fong. He knew that he served “at will” – that his job was to protect taxpayer dollars and give his very best advice to guard state finances. Respect for taxpayers catapulted him to notable national posts requiring financial expertise and savvy. One thing was for sure: Taxpayers could trust Matt Fong.

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Republicans should listen to Kevin McCarthy

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By Judy Lloyd

Republicans meet this weekend at their State Convention in Sacramento to discuss their nominations process in the aftermath of Proposition 14. Some may think it’s an inside baseball debate. The truth is that what happens this weekend will have a tremendous impact on the Republican Party, its candidates and their ability to win future elections.

California’s highest ranking Congressional Republican Kevin McCarthy has become active in this debate. He is co-sponsoring a measure with State Senate Leader Bob Dutton and Assembly Leader Connie Conway. The plan focuses on the principle that Republican voters should decide who their nominees are – not party insiders.

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Virginia, there might be a Santa Clause: Judge Strikes Health Care Mandate

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By Judy Lloyd

Yesterday, Virginia Judge Henry Hudson found the individual health care mandate – a key part of national health care reform proposed by President Obama – unconstitutional. Putting the kibosh on this mandate, namely the provision that says Americans without health coverage must purchase their own insurance starting in 2014, may be the first in a line of rulings on the constitutionality of the Obama-care law and its impact on states.

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“Should I Stay or Should I Go Now” – Pelosi Probably Prevails

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By Judy Lloyd

The San Francisco Business Times is currently conducting its “Business Pulse” Survey.

The question: “Should Nancy Pelosi step down as leader of the House Democrats?

Readers of the publication are largely business owners and entrepreneurs. The results as of 9:30 PM on Tuesday are posted below where an astonishing 65% of readers of the San Francisco publication believe Pelosi should step down. A mere 32% say she should stay. Keep in mind this is the San Francisco Business Times – not a national online poll.

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Go Giants! Go Meg Whitman!

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By Judy Lloyd

All glory goes to the San Francisco Giants whose manager, organization, spirit and clutch players made this World Series so spectacular. The celebration continues tonight at San Francisco’s Civic Plaza and at countless bars in the Bay Area. Will Democrats rule tomorrow as the City by the Bay Celebrates?

Most historical observers agree that when the Giants made the World Series, they saw the unreachable star with nostalgia reminiscent of the last time the New York Giants won the Series. That was during President Eisenhower’s tenure. Only people old enough remember know that it more than 50 years ago. I happen to be one of them. While I grew up a New York Yankees’ fan (I was born there when President Eisenhower was President), I’ve been reminded of this countless times this week by baseball fans and relatives back east who held out hope that one day the Giants would win again, keeping the old dynasty alive. It kind of reminds me of those of us who knew Reagan. It’s the same “believing” feeling.

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Pre-Labor Day Snapshots Offer a Glimpse of California’s Future

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By Judy Lloyd

Summer in California is usually quiet with no real interest in politics. This year is different – and it’s not just the summer heat that’s making people delirious. They want change – and it’s not in the form of Barak Obama.

I was part of an incredible team that helped Sam Blakeslee prevail in not just one election, but two in two months. When I started, few were aware of the Special Primary Election on June 22nd where Blakeslee nearly won the race outright in an 8 point Democrat district. Sam had help from Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, and Governor Schwarzenegger.

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Bay Area Buzz – Is the Republican ‘Rising Tide’ reality or just more Republican Rhetoric?

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By Judy Lloyd

On Saturday night, a crowd of 400 or so GOP stalwarts gathered in Atherton at “The Rising Tide” to see Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, Damon Dunn and Abram Wilson. This event, an annual ritual for many years, brings together GOP stalwarts and elite for a fun night of barbecue, dancing, and fun. For years, the event has been short on real politics and long on fun, largely due to a lack of serious, viable candidates for key positions.

This year was different. Republicans have two women business icons in Silicon Valley running as heads of their ticket. Adding flair and common sense were are two amazingly competent African Americans running for Secretary of State and Assembly in the 15th District. For once, this event wasn’t about a bunch of white guy career politicians – instead it focused on achievers who are different, who have solved problems, and who can win.

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Protests at the Party – Labor’s Attempt Falls Short

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By Judy Lloyd

Last week, Meg Whitman made an appearance on behalf of Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee, the Republican candidate in Senate District 15’s Special Election on Tuesday.

The event for Sam was a fundraiser featuring Meg in what I believe may be her first appearance on behalf of a partisan candidate since becoming the Republican nominee for Governor of California.

It took place at the lovely gardens of Peter and Dennise Carter in Los Gatos. Their home, built in the 1890s, is a lovely old Victorian that they have refurbished. Their neighbor, Mayor Mike Wasserman came by to greet guests and was part of the program. State Senate Republican Leader Dennis Hollingsworth was on hand as well as a number of local elected officials and candidates.

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If the U.S. Economy Added 431,000 jobs in May, why are only 41,000 in the Private Sector?

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By Judy Lloyd

Today, the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics announced the addition of new jobs “at the fastest pace in a decade” with “the largest gain since March 2000”.

The reality is that the May jobs figure was only boosted by hiring 411,000 temporary public sector government workers for the 10-year count of the U.S. population by the U.S. Census Bureau. The private sector added only 41,000 jobs.

From 2002 to 2006, I served as the U.S. Labor Department’s Regional Representative for California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii and Guam, and learned a lot about labor laws and high growth sectors of the economy in our state as well as our neighbors.

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Will the Mood for “Change” Strike California?

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By Judy Lloyd

As we focus on primaries in California, it appears across the country that voters – sick of politics as usual and career politicians – are staking their claim by voting for newcomers.

California has always prided itself on its independence. When you look at the drama that has unfolded in primaries and special elections across the country, it makes you wonder if California Republicans will stake their own independence by voting for new leaders – the likes of Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina – or stick with tried and true career politicians – like Tom Campbell, Chuck DeVore and Steve Poizner.

While you were sleeping on the way to California’s June 8th primary, here’s what happened:

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Lead Follow or Get Out of the Way – Why Whitman Will Win

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By Judy Lloyd

Meg Whitman hosted a fundraiser in Silicon Valley with some of the most influential political leaders in America on Friday night. Whether you agree with them or not, it is no small task to get former Secretary of State George Schultz, former MA Governor’s Mitt Romney, former FL Governor Jeb Bush, and U.S. Senator John McCain in the same room to talk to titans of technology like Bill Draper, John Chambers, Ray Lane, and John Chen. This is not a passing fancy. Meg is the real deal.

Superstars who have played important roles in past Presidential Administrations from Ford to the current regime were on hand. More than 550 attendees came out on a Friday night to raise another $1.5 million plus to support Meg Whitman.

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10,000 in Pleasanton say Bailouts Are Not The Answer

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By Judy Lloyd

In 2000, I did a rally at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds as Bay Area Chairman for Bush-Cheney that drew 5,000 people. I remember at the time, Bush Chairman Gerry Parsky told me that the soon-to-be-Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney “felt like a rock star” speaking before such a large crowd in the Bay Area.

My estimates when I spoke at Thursday’s rally was about 1,000 attendees, but according to theContra Costa Times, the rally drew 10,000 throughout the day. Those are police estimates – not organizers’ estimates.

The Pleasanton TEA Rally received statewide press this week in the LA Times and San Francisco Chronicle due to organizer Bridget Melson’s un-invitation to “birther movement” leader Orly Taitz, who believes President Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be president. This is crazy talk, and the organizers did the right thing in ousting her from the program. Dr. Melson held an orderly rally – complete with radio talk show hosts, comedians, bands, and oh yeah – political speeches.

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Bi-Partisan Support Continues for Chelsea’s Law in the Assembly

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By Judy Lloyd

Yesterday, Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher (R-“Rock Star”-San Diego) introduced “Chelsea’s Law” – targeted legislation that would provide a new one-strike life without parole penalty for those sexually violent predators who commit the most heinous of violent sex crimes against a child. The law includes lifetime parole with active GPS monitoring for those convicted of felony sex crimes involving physical contact with children and “safe zones” where sex offenders may not go.

Fletcher calls the legislation “a first step in a long term commitment to better protect our children…focused on the worst of the worst, the most dangerous and most likely to re-offend…the ones likely to pose the greatest risk to our children.”

Fletcher’s law, AB 1844, is a disciplined legislative proposal named for 17-year old Poway High School student Chelsea King, who disappeared on March 25th after going for a run in a local park. Law enforcement and thousands of volunteers searched for days until they finally found her in a shallow grave at Lake Hodges – a victim of unspeakable terror having been raped and murdered.

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Girls Gone Wild: The Curious Campaigns of Meg and Carly

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By Judy Lloyd

The curious campaigns of Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina have been a topic of discussion among women’s organizations and GOP activists for several weeks. Both were prominent at this weekend at the California Republican Party Convention in Santa Clara, where people wonder what’s more relevant – tactics or talk?

I don’t think women are the best fit in every case, nor do I back a woman only because she is female. Unlike Democrat primaries where they heavily recruit women, gender works against women in GOP primaries. Women are portrayed as less ideological and challenged at the bargaining table. This tactical strategy has been used dozens of times to convince Republican voters that women aren’t prepared.

In the case of Meg and Carly, this strategy will backfire as both have business credentials that are far and above most who have ever sought the offices of Governor and United States Senator.

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Judy B. Lloyd – Communicate, Connect, Capitalize

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Joe Hackman Interviews Judy Lloyd on BlogTalkRadio

We had a very interesting interview that covered a broad range of subjects from what Bob Dole was like to work with to the Sentinels of Freedom, a charity that Judy is passionate about. To learn more about the Sentinels visit http://sentinelsoffreedom.org for more info or to contact Judy access http://altamontstrategies.com Judy has served as a community leader in private and public sector positions for more than 25 years on the federal, state, and local level as an advocate for business & innovation and women in public policy.

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Is Carly Fiorina the Real Deal for California?

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By Judy Lloyd

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to meet with 40 innovators and entrepreneurs at a 1.5 hour innovators roundtable with Carly Fiorina, candidate for the United States Senate from California.

Among the discussion points was the President’s stimulus package, the need to educate our children for 21st century jobs, access to capital for small businesses, health care and immigration policy. Carly was engaging, energetic, charming, articulate, and appears to be a real problem solver.

Among attendees was Saman Dias, who was named head of “Entrepreneurs and Small Business” for Carly. Saman is a dynamic young entrepreneur and friend who cares deeply about the state of our economy in California. I’ve never known her to be involved in politics before – but Carly inspired her – and now she’s engaging.

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Lloyd reflects on passing of GOP fundraiser

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By Lisa Vorderbrueggen

Former San Ramon Valley Assembly Republican candidate Judy Lloyd, who runs her own campaign consulting firm, Altamont Strategies, sent me this personal essay about the Jan. 1 death of prominent Bay Area GOP fundraiser, Jane Clark.

Bay Area Republicans are saddened at the loss of one of our most dynamic Republican fundraisers, Jane Clark this New Year’s Day. Reports are that Jane had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer just a week before. At first the prognosis was for aggressive chemotherapy then the tragic news that Jane only had one week to live. Sadly, Jane passed on New Year’s Day, with Bruce McPherson, the former Secretary of State, her friend and former client, at her side as well as her dear friend Anne Appleman.

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Reflections from the Right Coast – Olympics, Health Care, and Women Dominate in Washington D.C.

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By Judy Lloyd

I’ve always viewed Washington, D.C. and Silicon Valley in a similar way. Both places are more a state of mind than an actual region. The area on the left coast is focused on innovation and making money. The one on the right coast is focused on power and spending money.

Last week, I spent four days in Washington, D.C. with Women Impacting Public Policy, a national organization of more than half a million women business owners. I arrived on Wednesday for two conferences and Capitol Hill briefings aimed to increase awareness of women-owned businesses and their impact on the U.S. economy.

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Health Care Prescriptions – West to East, What’s Next?

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By Judy Lloyd

I’m hosting a health care forum in the East Bay this coming Tuesday which is part of the Lincoln Club of Northern California’s educational series. “Health Care – What’s Next” will feature the talented Sally Pipes, President of the Pacific Research Institute and author of The Top Ten Myths of American Health Care – A Citizens Guide. About 50 local doctors, venture capitalists, and small business owners will participate in the dialogue and hear Pipes philosophy – one that focuses on the free market and competition options rather than the “public option”.

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Trashing Chevron in the Amazon Court – Part Deux

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By Judy Lloyd

Bay Area newspapers have been a buzz over the past week regarding the latest video of Ecuador Judge Juan Nunez, the key legal figure in the Chevron Ecuador environmental damage case, who has been captured in a video stating that he plans to rule against the oil giant and for an award of $27 billion “more or less”.

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