Wanna raise a million or two bucks?

Anyone can raise large sums of money if they have a great pitch, careful follow up, consequential relationships and perseverance.

The Perfect Pitch. 

Fundraising is a little like baseball. Whether you’re throwing a fastball, a curve, or a change up, you’ve got to serve up something that the batter wants to hit.

So, how do you do that without sounding too much like a fast-talking used car salesman?

Like baseball, its baseball2all about serving up the right pitch.

The Game Plan.

You don’t always just hit a home run and odds are, you’re going to strike out at least once. Why not take the bases in order and plan a strategy to win?

Here are some of the elements.

  • Compelling Message
  • Strategic Vision
  • Methodical Events Management
  • Precise Follow Through
  • Access to Prominent Keynote Speakers
  • Knowledge of Classy, Exquisite Venues
  • Having FUN!

Building the Team.

Build your farm team in fundraising the same way you’d select team members for your baseball team.

  • Can you create a compelling “ask” to woo them to your team?
  • Where do you see yourself in six months or a year from now?
  • What financial resources do you need to get there?
  • What influential leaders (clutch players) are helping you?
  • How can you best engage connectors whose influence multiplies their investment?

The Competitive Edge.

From 2007 to 2015, Judy Lloyd raised upwards of $3.5 million for educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and office holders who’ve played a consequential role in changing paradigms through innovation, smart business practices and competitiveness.

“I will remember it all – the cheers, the boos, every win, every loss, all the plane trips, the bus rides, the clubhouses, the walks through the tunnel and every drive to and from the Bronx. I have achieved almost every personal and professional goal I have set. I have gotten the very most out of my life playing baseball – and I have absolutely no regrets.” — Derek Jeter, New York Yankees shortstop, February 12, 2014

 Achieve. Inspire. Compete. No Regrets.