Glazer-Bonilla 5 Day Countdown

Glazer signContra Costa County’s 680 corridor and Alameda County’s Tri-Valley region are once again hosts to the most hotly contested race for state legislature.

In 2014, my talented friend Assemblywoman Catharine Baker, beat Mayor Sbranti – 51.6% to 48.4%. She defied the odds in a Bay Area district where voter registration shows Democrats outnumbering Republicans, 39% to 32%, with Decline-to-State voters at 22%.

Previous to the general election runoff, Orinda Mayor Steve Glazer (a candidate in the Special Election) waged a spirited, independent primary campaign, coming in 3rd behind Baker and Sbranti.

At the time, few looked through their crystal ball and saw Glazer entering the State Senate Special Election just a few months later. Assemblywomen Joan Buchanan and Susan Bonilla were already cued up to run.

But on the last day of filing, Glazer entered the race, winning the March primary by 8.8%. He was the top vote getter, garnering 33.7% of the vote.

Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla came in 2nd with 24.9%, knocking former Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan out of the race. Though Buchanan was a popular, termed-out officeholder, Glazer won the Republican vote and enough Independents and Democrats to make him formidable for the run-off.

So here we are – 5 days from the run-off Special Election.

001Voters in Assembly District 16 (where Glazer previously ran) comprise 60% of the district.

Voters in Assembly District 14 (where Bonilla is the sitting Assembly member) comprise about 20%.

The other 20% (represented by neither Bonilla nor Glazer) is in Assembly District 11.

Though Democrat registered voters outnumber Republicans 43% to 28%, mail ballots currently show a larger than expected turnout among Republicans.

These voters think Glazer will be easier to work with and more business-friendly than Bonilla. Glazer’s activism against BART strikes supports the region’s economy and resonates with workers and families. He also has the support of small business’ most important advocacy organization.

This morning’s story stating that BART workers violated a code of conduct by conducting anti-Glazer campaign activities on BART property will catch voters’ attention.

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