Hey Girlfriends, Got a Life That’s Out of Whack?

Balanced_Life_2014May 29, 2014 —¬†Women are constantly asking themselves the question:

When will I find the time 24/7 to get it all done?

We’re constantly out of whack – sandwiched between paying the household bills, getting the chores done, carpooling kids to school, and for some, balancing a professional life on top of all that.

That doesn’t even count the quality time you want to spend with your husband, kids, Mom or Dad, and your friends.

Not to worry though — Michelle Perry Higgins has the answers. She’s talking about women just like us – and her book is especially relevant to East Bay Moms who are juggling day-to-day, struggling to have it all.

Join me and other women at the Danville Veterans Hall on Thursday, May 29th, for an enlightening dialogue for women —

7 Steps to a Balanced Life

It’s a discussion that could change your life.

Get your tickets here at California Women Lead.


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