Hey Kids! Play the Obamacare Numbers Game


All the network news shows are asking Obama officials penetrating questions about the Obamacare website and how many people have enrolled.

Here’s a simple way to remember the numbers — so simple that you can teach it to your kids and talk to your friends so they can remember.

It comes courtesy of our friend Rich Galen — a talented writer and former Capitol Hill press secretary who also served in Iraq. He compares the numbers to the population of Carbondale, Illinois.

The population of Carbondale is 26,794.

It also is about 1,000 people higher than the town I grew up in – Cortland, New York, a small town just south of Syracuse.

Now I have an easy way to remember the number who have enrolled in the Obamacare program on the web. It also makes me realize how small that number is and the hurdles that President Obama and his Administration face in funding the plan. Read the rest here.