How Far Women Have Come in the Workplace

Meg Whitman


Executive Editor’s Note: Living in California can be challenging as a small business woman. But, with challenges come opportunities.  In 2010, I had the chance to work with Meg Whitman on her campaign for Governor of California. While Meg would have had political challenges as Governor of our nation’s largest state, I still believe she was a better choice for California businessmen and women than Jerry Brown. Here’s a story from Meg about how far women have come in the workplace since 1979. I liked it and I thought you would too.

Here’s a story that tells you just how far work place equality has come since 1979.

That’s when HP CEO Meg Whitman began her career. She was hired at Procter and Gamble in Cincinnati, where she worked in a marketing role until 1981.

Whitman would one day become one of the most powerful women in the tech industry, but in 1979 she was one of four women hired by P&G, she recounted while speaking at the Montana Economic Development Summit last week, reports The Missoulian’s Jenna Cederberg.

“After the first day of training, everyone got a credit card except the four girls,” Whitman said. “We told the instructor, ‘I’m sure there’s a mistake here but we’re the only four here that didn’t get credit cards.’ ”

But the women were told it wasn’t a mistake. They weren’t given a credit card because the company didn’t think it was safe for women to travel alone.

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