Love 4 Grandma

The bond between a Grandmother and Grandson is strong – especially when Grandma lives far away.

I remember many times when my own Mom sent a box of valentine’s candy and trinkets to my son, her only Grandchild.

At ages four, five and six, he meticulously opened the box to see what was inside.Hugs

Even if it wasn’t his exact candy choice (and it oftentimes wasn’t), it always made her Grandson smile.

Time passes – and the young boy is now a teenager in high school.

He thinks about life so far away from Grandma – life across the country where its colder and grayer.

He knows that ten years ago, there was no smartphone, no Facebook, no Instagram, and no Twitter.

He thinks about how his life has changed over the last ten years and the things he’d be able to do now to check in on Grandma, with the help of SafeinHome.

Imagine when Grandma calls now. It would still be the usual bantering about the New York Yankees or Syracuse basketball. But there would be more that he would share with Grandma – about what he was able to know about her day yesterday – and the day before – because he could know, with the help of SafeinHome.

He would know if she had been outside because he could tell if the door had been open and if the Key Fob had left the home.

He would know if she had left the stove on, used her Pillbox, or gotten out of bed a little later than usual.

He would be able to check if she had a good night’s rest – and talk with her about it if she hadn’t.

He could talk to her about all these things that would make him worry less about her being so far away.

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