Peace of Mind, Even Though I’m Far Away

peace of mindBrenda is a baby boomer. Her Mom is 82.

She lives across the country, but her brother, Mark, is retired and lives near their Mom in Connecticut.

Cold in Connecticut

It’s been snowier than usual with the harsh winter of 2014, but someday her brother will move to a warmer locale.

For now, he stays in Connecticut, because of Mom. His teenage son lives at home with him.

Sunday is one of the days that Brenda’s Mom always goes out – a friend picks her up and she’s usually home before dark.

“I can tell what time she left. I’ve set an Alert to tell me when her keys have left so I know what time she has gone out for the day.

If she’s gone longer than expected, I can tell by the inactivity Alerts I receive on my smartphone.

If I’m worried I can call my brother to check in on her. He gets to have his Sunday to himself because I’m checking in on Mom using SafeinHome”.

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