Protect Dad. Korean War Veteran is Safe in his Home

These words define the American military and are most often related to retired General Douglas MacArthur’s farewell visit to the West Point Military Academy in 1962.

Daniel was just two years old then, but he remembered his father’s tone and the cadence of his voice when he repeated them. He knew these words growing up – and he knew that they were indicative of the strong bond his father had with his military service after his tour of duty in the Korean War.

Daniel’s father was just 18 when the U.S. reinstated the draft, after the reduction in forces after World War II.

Though he grew up thinking of it as the “forgotten war”, Doug heard his Dad’s stories – especially the one about the first invasion in 1950 which represented the first military action of the Cold War.

Korean War memorialAmericans thought it was a war against the forces of international communism itself. As such, they needed to be there to protect American interests.

That word – protect – has taken on an even greater meaning now for Daniel.

You see, his Dad lives alone since Mom’s death and wants to stay in his own home. It’s peaceful there — and it’s his.

He’s a bit stubborn about it, actually, and who would blame him? He has served his country and just wants to enjoy the freedom he is accustomed to in his own home.

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