Should Baby Boomers Fear Technology?

I had the chance to get to San Diego for AARP’s Ideas@50+ Conference this past week. First on my “to-do” list was attending a media discussion on the debut of the AARP’s first consumer product – the RealPad.

This tablet technology was developed in partnership with Intel Corporation to respond to the needs of some 70 million Americans over age 50. Many of us want to learn to use technology but may be apprehensive about learning, with too many choices and features.

RealHelpIt’s no wonder that the Convention Center was completely abuzz about the new tablet technology tool.

It’s sleek, simple design and ease of use is sure to be a winner with today’s seniors and those of us a little less senior at 50+ who want to learn how to use a tablet.

The tablet, shown here, comes with pre-loaded tutorials and simple to use features. It’s tutorials are in plain language that make it easy to connect with family, browse & shop online, and keep your mind active with a variety of games. Read the rest here.