Spring Holiday Reflections – Take Time to Share the Care

We often overlook the Springtime holidays, centered around renewal, bounty and kinship. We spend our time outside, enjoying the lengthening days, early harvested produce and, of course, our families.


Some of us have an aging parent living at home. This is hard for those who live closest and have the largest responsibility in caregiving.

If you live far away and came together to celebrate, did you reflect on things you can do to share the care?

Step back and think about it.

What do these moments mean when we have a parent aging in place?

In the case of my family, I travel long distance to spend the time with my sister, aunts and uncles to visit Mom for Easter. The opportunity affords itself the time to connect with one another, see how Mom is doing, and evaluate everyone’s needs.

If your family is anything like mine, you may find yourself thinking about the stresses of caregiving and the fact that Mom doesn’t move around as well or remember things like she used to. These conversations can be hard and it can be especially difficult for the caregiver who is closest.

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