This Mom’s Story Might Help You Like It Helped Me


My friend, Haley is a family caregiver who figured out how to get her life back.

I call Haley “Super Mom”. She has it all — a career, an active family life, and balance.

One day, Haley looked worn down and said to me –

“Caring for Mom and the kids is starting to take a toll on both my family life and work life. It’s frustrating.”

Haley has two kids: Tommy plays high school baseball. Valerie is in the 6th grade and loves to dance. Haley also has a very loving, busy husband who is managing a technology company.

Her Mom lives in her own home. She’s alone, but not too far away. Since Haley is the closest, she’s taken on the burden of managing caregiving responsibilities, with little help from her extended family.

A few months ago, Haley was pulled in too many directions. It was Thursday. Haley had a presentation at work and needed to take off a little early to get Valerie from school to dance rehearsal. It was raining. She was worried about her Mom who was more tired lately.

Tommy SMS

She texted Tommy to see if he could check on his Grandma. She forgot that he had baseball practice and would be home late.

She called her Mom three times. There was no answer. Knowing that the day would be out of control soon with the presentation in only a few hours, she drove to Mom’s house to check on her.

She understood the responsibility she had to her work colleagues, but she also had a responsibility to Mom.

Traffic was horrible and Haley was stressed.

She worried the entire way to Mom’s house.

Why didn’t she pick up the phone?

Mom didn’t hear Haley knocking on the door. She walked in to find Mom asleep in her favorite chair – television blaring.

Haley asked her Mom a rash of questions.  She didn’t know if Mom had fallen asleep and never got upstairs from the night before or if she was just taking a nap on a rainy day.

Mom was a bit overwhelmed having just woken up. Haley made her sandwich, helped her to the table, and stayed to make sure she was OK.

Then she dashed back to the office for the presentation. She had rain-soaked high heels and wind-blown hair, but she pulled it together and did a great job. It was 30 extra minutes before she arrived back at her desk. She checked her iPhone. There were three calls and three texts from her daughter.

2-10-2014 5-00-42 PM (cropped)

Haley dashed to her car, called her daughter and apologized profusely.Valerie was soggy, but at least she was safe. She picked her up and got her to dance practice 10 minutes late.

I can relate to Haley’s story because I dealt with the same struggle — sandwiched between caring for my Mom and my own child. The difference between our lives then and now is that now there’s a way to get your life back and check in on Mom. It’s called SafeinHome.

Haley has a smart phone. It’s an easy install. It lets her know that Mom’s OK, even when she’s having a hectic day.

Now, Haley checks on her Mom throughout the day to see if she has been out of bed, moved her pill box, gone into the kitchen, and where she last was. She can see what Mom’s up to and how her day is going. She can manage her medication and knows her daily routine.

Having real data in real time lets Haley breathe easier.

She installed it in 30 minutes. Now, Mom doesn’t have to do anything but live her life. She knows Haley is there and checking in.

If you know a Mom who is struggling with the stress of caregiving, tell her Haley’s story.

Feel free to call the team at SafeinHome for a free consultation at 1-(855)isMomOK.