What You Don’t Know About Elderly Falls Could Hurt

Every day, there’s a new story or statistic about seniors falling in their homes, outside their car, or on a simple walk around the block.

People are living longer. They are becoming frailer with age. This leads to significant increases in falls among seniors.

Older adults count for 84% of all fall-related deaths and 68% of hospital stays for fall-related injuries, according to the Bureau of Health Information, Statistics, Research and Evaluation at the Massachusetts Department of Health.

Mom after Fall

“Mom after her 2nd fall.”

These are scary statistics because many people don’t know what you’ll take away from this article.

The fact that falls are the leading cause of death due to injury among the elderly is startling.

According to documented research, one of every three seniors will report a fall this year – many more are unreported. It’s also well documented that the time that elapses between a fall and receiving help has a direct impact on the outcome of the fall.

It’s important to find an elderly person who has fallen as early as possible. Read the rest here.