When Do I Get My Life Back?

Caregiving is hard work – and it’s stressful.

This is especially true if you are part of the “sandwich generation” – sandwiched between caring for your kids and your aging parents.

Here’s a story my friend Haley told me. It has to do with her family and the stress caregiving has put on her.

She was upset and one day said to me –

“Caring for Mom and the kids is so hard. When do I get my life back?”

Haley has two kids: a daughter in the 3rd grade and a son, who is a teenager. She has a very busy husband who is managing a start-up. She also has her Mom living at home alone.

Haley has pretty much managed the caregiving responsibilities well, with little help from her extended family. You see, her sister, Anne, lives across the country and is not around to share the responsibilities. It leaves the majority of the work on Haley’s shoulders.

A few weeks ago, Haley had a rough day and was pulled in too many different directions.

She had some deadlines at work and had to take off a little early to get her daughter, Chelsea from school to dance rehearsal because it was raining.

She was running late and dashed out to get some soup for lunch.  She sent her son, Tommy, a text message at school to see if he could check in on his Grandma.

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